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About the Mentoring Committee

What we do -- The SABER Mentoring committee facilitates mentoring relationships among members through two programs - SABER Buddies and SABER Mentoring Groups. The SABER Buddies program is meant to promote a positive and impactful experience for those attending the SABER Annual Meeting. The SABER Mentoring groups meet regularly for one full year, centered around a topic. People in both groups are matched in terms of what they want to give and get from the group. Groups are structured to be collaborative, equitable, and inclusive with no leadership hierarchies. The goal is for member to get to know each other, learn, and have the opportunity to build a sense of community.

Who we are -- Co-Chairs Clark Coffman and Angela Kaczowka

Join the Mentoring Committee -- If you are interested in serving on the committee contact Clark Coffman or Angela Kaczowka.

SABER Buddies

The goals of the SABER Buddies program are to:

  • welcome people who are new, newish, or returning to the SABER Annual meeting,
  • promote connectivity and networking among attendees,
  • help make the meeting impactful and enjoyable for all.

Each Buddies group consists of four to six individuals (two to three individuals who requested mentorship and two to three individuals who expressed willingness to act as mentors). 

The Buddies groups are meant to exist in the weeks before, and during the SABER meeting, but that doesn’t mean that you and people in your group won’t become lasting friends or even collaborators in the future.

SABER Mentoring Groups

The SABER Mentoring Program is small group mentoring with members of groups set to meet regularly for one full year.

Each year, you can sign up to be part of the program and be matched with mentors and mentees to facilitate interactions in a variety of areas including:

  • career advancement
  • teaching improvement
  • discussion of research and theory

Sign-up for the Mentoring Groups occurs at the end of July. Groups meet from August to July each year.

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